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Welcome to AAThursdays

Hi there!  It is Easter Sunday April 12, 2020, Day 17 of Coronavirus Quarantine.  I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and the whole state has recently been issued a mandatory “stay-at-home” order.  Privileges from just a few weeks ago have recently been taken away such as county parks closing, certain stores that were open are now not, and a “one person per household” allowed at the local grocery store.  It sucks, but good things have come of it thus far.  All this forced family togetherness, with little outside distractions, has made for some trying moments in my house as well as some family bonding.  

I’ve been hearing on social media how us alcoholics are primed for this! We know all about taking it “one day at a time.” We have the tools in our toolbox many “normies” do not. Unfortunately disallowing social gatherings, as we know, disallows AA meetings. We, AAs, have taken to Zoom to connect with our tribe, and what a blessing that has been. Where there is a desire, there is a will to make it happen! As I am chronicling my regular Thursday meeting, I will use this time to post prior journal entries (not previously posted) on my site, along with my Zoom meetings, until the quarantine is over. Godspeed.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to AAThursdays

  1. I agree I am much more prepared for this quarantine having nine years of sobriety under my belt. Thank God for the tools the program has given me, along with the friendships. It is easy to isolate during this time, but reaching out to others truly is a gift and will help keep us sane. I look forward to what this blog has to offer.


  2. Thank you for posting this! As in many things, there are both good and bad. Yes, it stinks when we can’t get our hair cut and we have to wear a mask. However, so many beautiful acts of kindness have occurred due to this virus! While we are sheltering in place, it is easy to curl up in a ball and shut the world completely out. That however is the worst thing we could be doing. Thank goodness for Zoom and other social media which allows us to connect with our support groups. And our phones are practically attached to our hips. Use them. If you are able, take the time to check on others. Looking forward to more posts! Excellent blog!


  3. My tattered “Just for Today” bookmark has been a companion for many, many years. During this time of “social distancing” my favorite quotes have become: Just for Today … I will adjust myself to what is … I will try to live through this day only … I will be unafraid.


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