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The view from Betty’s Chair:

Betty is the matriarch of our Thursday group.  Betty has over 40 years of sobriety.  I am dedicating a regular blog post about her and her pearls of wisdom, because they are just that good.  Once upon a time, we had all joked in a meeting that “someone needs to take this stuff down!”  So here we are…ready to share some of her well-earned insight with the world.  

I reached out to Betty during this quarantine (she “doesn’t do the zoom”), and told her my idea, and she had the following to say, “Let me just say that I don’t want you to use my name, and it has nothing to do with anonymity.  I don’t want to be credited for anything.  I don’t want to be thought of as a guru.  Everything I know I have learned from you all and years in the program.  It is not me, it is you all.”  I was left with an appreciation of her assertion and humility.

Betty has a seat at the very front of our Thursday table.  She has been sitting there for years, and it is Betty’s seat. It seems newcomers must somehow know it’s her seat on the occasion she is absent, because no one ever sits there.  Betty points at the back wall of the room, referencing her years of attendance, and laughs, “I was born in the corner over there!”  

Often there will be silence after she Betty speaks, the room digesting and feeling the significance of what she’s just said.  The self-proclaimed “happiness junkie” spreads joy.  My spirit is lifted when she shares.  She ends each and every share with, “I love you all, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”  I know you’ll all appreciate and enjoy Betty as much as I do.


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