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April newsletter

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

It’s definitely showering here this April!  During Quarantine 2020, we’re trying to navigate through a new reality that includes whole families in close quarters, with the tensions and challenges that arise from that.  It is especially important in this time to practice self-care and reaching out.  As we have lost the physical connection of our meetings, zoom, facetime, the telephone, and websites like this one!! keep us connected.  

While home duties have ramped up, the absence of work and other outside obligations (and privileges) make for a new space to share, create, produce.  I am personally blessed by the new venture of AA Thursdays to keep my creative juices flowing, and connect further with my fellows.  I am excited to launch an addition to the website, a blog entitled, “The View from Betty’s Chair.”  A self-proclaimed “happiness junkie,” Betty has been a regular at the Thursday meeting, and has 40+ years of sobriety.  Her insights and general pearls of wisdom will be regularly shared here.*  

My Thursday meeting fills me up spiritually every week, and I hope to pay it forward. AA Thursdays will continue to share experience, strength, and hope, and carry the message to others.  We will once again be able to see and hug our loved ones, and see the beauty of the May flowers.  In the meantime, let us use the tools we are gifted by this program.

*Disclaimer:  Betty has chosen not to be identified by her real name, stating that she does not wish to be known as a “guru”–that everything that she shares comes from what has been passed along to her over the years.


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