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AA Thursday’s is Now A Vlog!!

Hello All! I’m happy to announce that AA Thursday’s is now a participating in the increasingly popular social media platform of vlogging. I will be using video content in addition to the written blog to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. I find that that it is sometimes nice to see a person’s face andContinue reading “AA Thursday’s is Now A Vlog!!”


The “Fuck it, and Run’s”

Thursday Zoom meeting 5/14/20:                 Darren was the speaker at today’s meeting.  He’s been coming to the Thursday meeting fairly consistently for the past couple of years or so.  I had never heard him speak, so I was pleased when Leigh announced the speaker.  He talked about trauma in his childhood that included a teacher,Continue reading “The “Fuck it, and Run’s””

“Amends…is the beginning of you deciding how you want to be as a person”

Thursday meeting 9/6/18:             Today Dave spoke.  He comes to our meeting occasionally, but has not spoken to us before.  The first Thursday of the month is supposed to be a step discussion.  This had only been implemented approximately six months prior when a group conscience was called.  Some disgruntled AA declared our meeting had become “too ‘alanony,” and thatContinue reading ““Amends…is the beginning of you deciding how you want to be as a person””

What I Needed to Hear Today Courtesy of Zoom

Thursday meeting 4/23/20:             Another zoom meeting today.  Since our meeting has been listed in the virtual online meeting directory, we’ve certainly had a number of visitors.  One of which was asked to share today.  (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that this is a speaker meeting.).  A creature of habit and resistant to changeContinue reading “What I Needed to Hear Today Courtesy of Zoom”

April newsletter

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” It’s definitely showering here this April!  During Quarantine 2020, we’re trying to navigate through a new reality that includes whole families in close quarters, with the tensions and challenges that arise from that.  It is especially important in this time to practice self-care and reaching out.  As we have lost the physical connectionContinue reading “April newsletter”

The view from Betty’s Chair:

Betty is the matriarch of our Thursday group.  Betty has over 40 years of sobriety.  I am dedicating a regular blog post about her and her pearls of wisdom, because they are just that good.  Once upon a time, we had all joked in a meeting that “someone needs to take this stuff down!”  So here we are…ready toContinue reading “The view from Betty’s Chair:”